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Sprucing Up Your Millinocket Lawn This Spring

Winter is finally drawing to a close here in Millinocket, marking the return of long, bright days and beautiful weather. It’s hard not to appreciate the natural beauty spring brings, but it may not last if you don’t take steps to ensure your yard retains that beauty. In addition to scheduling regular lawn care services in Millinocket, there are some things you can do on your own to maintain a beautiful lawn.

Regular Lawn Care Maintenance Tips

Here are some useful strategies you should employ this spring to ensure your yard looks beautiful into summer and fall:


Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to help your yard turn over a new leaf. One way to do that is to take that phrase literally: give your yard a deep, thorough raking to remove all the old leaves and blades of grass that have accumulated.

These elements block the sunlight from getting to the grass and plants beneath them, so raking and removing them gives the plants underneath the best chance at starting with a healthy amount of sunlight.


Similar to raking, you may consider aerating your soil. This involves poking holes throughout the soil that allows outside air and water to reach deep into the roots where they normally wouldn’t.

Mowing & Lawnmower Maintenance

As always, keeping the lawn mowed short is an essential part of keeping it healthy and beautiful, for many of the same reasons as raking. Now that warmer weather is arriving, the grass is starting to grow faster and faster, and can quickly get overwhelming without a measured approach.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to do any necessary maintenance on the mower. Sharpen or replace the blades and ensure everything is running as it should. Then once the weather heats up, keep up with mowing weekly or bi-weekly.


While spring is good for your lawn and plants, it’s unfortunately also good for the weeds and harmful plants you’d rather do without. Since they’re both competing for sunlight and water, every weed in your lawn or garden represents an enemy to the plants you actually want there.

Weeding extensively in the spring helps ensure not only that your yard maintains its beauty without splotches of weed tarnishing it, but also that your growing plants grow up with as little competition as possible.

Disease Prevention

The most common lawn disease we see affecting Maine homes in the spring is snow mold. This occurs as the snow begins to melt in the spring, leaving patches of dead, matted grass all over the lawn. While it can be hard to prevent due to living conditions in Millinocket, it’s important to apply fertilizer around mold sites to keep it from spreading to healthier parts of your lawn. If your whole lawn is affected, it’s time to call a professional for disease prevention services.


If patches have developed in your yard, now is the time to start seeding grass to repair them. However, take care when seeding your lawn as not all grasses are created equal, and some will fare better in our Maine climate than others. Fescue is native to Maine and typically requires little maintenance, but wide open lawns with access to lots of sunlight may fare better with Kentucky Bluegrass. A lawn care expert can help you make the right decision for your individual situation.

Get Professional Lawn Care Help

If you’re looking to keep your Millinocket property looking beautiful for spring, summer, and beyond, the solution is here: Abraham Lawn Care. Our locally-owned and operated business employs reliable lawn care technicians that know the Millinocket climate well, and know exactly what to do to help your home thrive. Call us today for more details.


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